7 / 31 Two TV Satellite Companies have a fight at County Fair

For many people part of the fun in going to a county fair is getting to see the various commercial exhibitors. You expect to see and hear them give you their sales pitch. Last Friday afternoon at the Washington County Fair, visitors saw something they were not expecting, a fight between two satellite TV companies. According to Lieutenant Martin Schulteis from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, a 37 year old man from Chippewa Falls is the owner of a company that is licensed to sell Direct TV.   He got into a physical altercation with a 50 year old man from Fon Du Lac who owns a business selling Dish Network and Direct TV. The 50 year old man advised deputies there was a prior history between him and the other man due to the fact they are direct competitors and there have been issues with employee retention between owners. The altercation took place while the 50 year old man was working with a family including small children at his Dish Network booth. The 37 year old confronted the 50 year old and began swearing and yelling at him.  Another employee of the 50 year old had to physically restrain the 37 year old to keep the altercation from getting more physical. The 37 year old man left the Fair Grounds before Deputies arrived. The 50 year old did not want to pursue charges however based on the circumstances the Sheriff’s Department is requesting the DA's Office charge the 37 year old man with Disorderly Conduct.  
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