8 / 12 Straight Party Ballot Required for Today's Primary

Washington County Clerk Brenda J. Jaszewski  is reminding voters that they can only vote with one political party in today’s  partisan primary election. Voters need to be sure to read the instructions on page one of the ballots. Jaszewski says instruction number one says “select your party” which means fill-in the oval next to your party preference selection, Republican, Democrat or Constitution Party. You do not have to answer that question but if you cross parties accidentally vote for more than one party then your ballot would still be valid for the party you declare. Gibson says if you do not declare a party, and cross parties on the ballot, the ballot reader will reject it and you will be given the opportunity to declare a party at the top of the ballot or you can get a new ballot. There is a maximum of three ballots allowed. The polls are open today from 7am until 8pm.
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